Application Questions on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

What type of questions do you include on your grant or scholarship applications to be compliant with Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)?

Do you also do Bias training for evaluators?



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    I know DEI initiatives are a priority for a lot of organizations, and also help with monitoring the ability to reach all the demographics of a community that can benefit from funding. I wonder what types of questions others include as well, as well as if they've had any feedback on the types of questions included (or not included).

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    Good question. I would love to see examples of DEI compliance questions. I remember seeing samples of anti-discrimination statements a few years ago -- maybe these might help too???

  • Good afternoon –

    We are interested in establishing metrics and accountability measures through our grantmaking to verify and encourage diversity, equity and inclusion work advanced by our grantee organizations, in an effort to move our entire sector towards greater inclusion. If any grantmaking organizations have metrics for inclusion and/or representation in program content, audiences, staff and/or board, we would appreciate any details you may be able to share. Our goal is to elevate mindful and purposeful efforts for arts access and representative content and support sustained actions.

    Thank you all in advance! Have a great weekend!


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    Our Programs team poses the following question in our application related to Board representation to address this issue. When participating on an internal review committee recently, I found that the question targeted essentially what we were asking but in a flexible way to allow grantees to respond where they're at.

    "Board & Staff Composition*

    We value organizations that demonstrate a commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity as reflected by the

    individuals who serve as board members. Please describe how your board of directors and staff reflect the people

    and communities you serve in terms of race, ethnicity, class, gender, and/or lived experiences. If the board and/or

    staff currently do not reflect the people and communities you serve, please share the policies and procedures you

    have in place to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion in your organization. As you consider your response,

    please know that there are no "correct" answers. Every organization is different and we recognize that advancing

    equity is an ongoing process that can be challenging. We appreciate your honest reflections."

  • This is very helpful Laurel, thank you!

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