• @GracieMaxwell, Our profession has some great credentialing programs! (Note a description of credentialing certificates vs certificates of completion here: https://www.grantcredential.org/why-certify/certification-vs-certificate-of-completion/ ) The first program I recommend is the Grant Professional Certified (GPC)…
  • Natalie, My employer did something similar, but it wasn't right away because we had to get the budget approved for it. I did a week long training from The Foundation Center. I have also done a series of trainings from a group called Resource Associates that were about a week long in total. I love it when the trainers are…
  • Natalie, Thanks for connecting your skills to your courses and experience. I think that is very helpful to others seeking to make those connections effectively.
  • @ElsieThomson - Awesome! I wish all states would do that!
  • @AlyseBraaten - Ooo, I really like this idea! I'm definitely incorporating it into our professional development plans here!
  • @AshleyHarper - I always love hearing when grant professionals become program officers and then help make it easier for others following in their footsteps! Thanks for all you do!
  • To Cecilia's point, while our company has a federal grants training series (of which Pursuing Federal Grants is the first session), we are looking at providing trainings in 2022 which are tailored to each federal agency, including the ones Cecilia has on her list and others like DOL, HUD, and SAMHSA.
  • I also love the big, complex grants. I think my favorite set of grants to write has been Head Start/Early Head Start. I love helping organizations bring high quality early childhood services with great wraparound services for families!
  • For those who are competing for federal grants, what advice would you give about what makes federal grant seeking different from applying for foundation grants? And what's the same? It is interesting that people haven't commented about how federal grants are similar to foundation grants. Some foundations have become very…
  • I also love logic models! To me, the first word that comes to mind when I think of logic models is bringing order out of chaos. My first exposure to logic models was when a grant required it and I had to figure out what it was so I could figure out how to provide it in the grant. I went straight into the deep end! Since…
  • @KristinRaack I'm with you! All my cats seem to do lately is sleep. Except for when my cat Molly is either nibbling on my fingers while I am trying to type or walking in front of my webcam. LOL.
  • @TammyTilzey - This is Molly, who runs my Zoom meetings when I am away from my desk.
  • I will be answering questions from the training last week. Here is the first one. 1) It always seems to me that federal grants offer large grants to a small number of recipients. The odds of winning a federal grant seem to be very slim. Answer: 1) Yes, the odds of winning a federal grant is slim. There are many people who…
  • @AndreaBGarcia , Have you thought about reviewing federal grants? This is a great way to keep in touch on federal grants without writing federal grants. I'm glad to hear you are working on your GPC! Feel free to tell us what other articles or resources would be helpful for you!
  • So I am noticing no cats, so I will share my office cats. Molly can often be found napping between me and my keyboard. Nemo is the bookshelf and package guard.
  • Maryn, I always like hanging with other logic model nerds!!!