Do you have an office pup or other pet?

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I LOVE the Dogs of Foundant!

I might be having a tough day, but I get an alert that Foundant has posted a picture on Instagram and I start to feel hopeful. With fingers crossed, I head on over to see if they have posted another Dogs of Foundant post. I love those posts. You can find them here. #DogsOfFoundant

I have my own office pup (you can find her here)

Most days, she fulfills her office duties by taking her place next to the treadmill and under the desk. She stays close enough for a good belly rub at a moment's notice.

I would love to see your office pet!


Jo Miller, GPC


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  • Soooooo cute - Luna is gorgeous! I think Maizie needs this toy. Where did you get it?

    Jo Miller, GPC


  • I got the toy at a local shop, but the maker is Outward Hound based in Colorado. You can even buy replacement chipmunks if any get lost chewed-up! When I googled I see that the one I have is now on sale at

    Another shameless pet-toy plug: West Paw Design has wonderful made-in-Montana toys and beds. Lumi likes their Fuzzy toys like Salsa and Boogie, but their washable/durable plastic toys are great for chewers and also have hide-a-treat features.

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  • Tracy, that is too cute! And thanks for starting this thread, Jo! So fun!

    Here is my office pup, Bella. She is a 14 year old rescue terrier. We are completely inseparable, and she loves to nap where she knows she's on camera during my Zoom calls.

    This picture is a before and after of her Covid-hair. 😂

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  • This is Diego. His front legs are too short for him too not sit side-saddle.

  • @AshleyHarper that's the cutest thing! My pup's belly is so round she can't help but stick one back leg out to the side. We call it her kick-stand.

  • Does you furry friend dress up for Halloween? Here's Barkley as "Hairy Potter"! ⚡️🎃

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    It's never too late for puppy pics @TrishBachman! Look at that little backseat driver!😍

  • Thanks @TrishBachman for sharing your cutie!! Your Zuma looks just like my Luna did when she was a puppy! Wished we lived closer so we could take pictures of them together!

  • Hey @JulieAssel - help us out again - we are getting out of balance with the cat / dog pictures! I wish I could find the one with your cat running your zoom meetings when you step out. HAHA!

  • @TrishBachman OMG, I don't think I have ever seen a picture of Zuma that small. She is so adorable.

  • Happy Holidays from Fester.

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    Top photo is Oliver, my African grey parrot. Middle is my two orange boys, Murphy and Punkin. And bottom photo is my two girls, Luna and Mia.

    Any other bird people here?

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