Best practice for inviting applicants to apply

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I am working with a Foundation that is implementing Foundant. Although they will import historical data, that will happen after go-live. Currently, they offer a single stage, invite only application.

We've been exploring the options for inviting applicants to apply, and would like to poll other foundations for their best practices both for their first cycle in Foundant and for subsequent cycles.

For the first cycle, it seems they will need to add the Organization record and Primary Contact information so the email can be sent. This can be done via a bulk action, but I cannot find any reporting to identify who was invited and who did - or didn't - apply. This seems like it would be an ongoing issue.

We tried adding a request manually, but when logging in as an applicant to apply, it resulted in a second application. Maybe we missed a step there?

I have implemented other grantmaking systems in the past where this process was pretty clearly outlined, so I'm a little stumped. Thanks!


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