What documentation are recipients asked to provide to verify enrollment & pay scholarships?

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My organization currently requests scholarship recipients to submit their school bill and class schedule in order to verify enrollment and proceed to paying out scholarship awards. However, we have noticed students are often waiting on schools for a long time to get this information. This often leads to very short turn-around times for us to process paperwork and send the check to the institution prior to payment due dates.

I would love to hear from other scholarship providers regarding what documentation is requested and see if there are other alternatives we could request, that students could more easily gather and submit.

I greatly appreciate any insight you are able to share!

Laura Bidireanu

Community Foundation of Collier County


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    RhondaThomsonRhondaThomson Posts: 52 ✭✭✭
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    We have started allowing printouts/screen shots of their online enrollment forms that includes their information to verify.

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    In addition to the above, we allow things like housing contracts, degree audits, and letters from advisors. Screenshots are perfectly acceptable as well.

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    For a long time we required a schedule or other document that listed their name, school name, total credits, and student ID number. It was a huge pain point for us with getting students to send us a document that included everything. I think there are some schools that legitimately don't have all of that information in one easy to find location. We utilize the follow-ups now to ask the student to fill in their school name and student ID number and "sign" that the info is correct. They also have to upload a file that shows their name and the credits they're enrolled in. This year we've gotten more screenshots or pictures of their computer monitor than ever but fewer cases where the student doesn't provide all 4 pieces of required information.

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    We have them upload course registration, enrollment deposit, or other proof of enrollment provided by the school in the follow-up form. Screenshots are acceptable. All other necessary information (name, student id, school mailing address for payment etc) is also collected on the same form (or carried over from the initial form in cases were it is a renewable/paid over two semesters). Proof of enrollment is required each semester. We also send a form letter with the check to the school indicating any specific requirements (ie full-time status) and have had schools contact us when a student was registered for enough credits.

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