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Mario Pedrozzi Scholarship Foundation
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  • @StefanieOBrien , I like this idea. We may consider this instead of the open-ended gender identity. Thanks for the suggestion!
  • Hi Lee, Our scholarship process does not utilize letters of recommendations, and instead uses a reference questionnaire using the third party functionality. It is two "bullet" style questions, and one longer, free form written answer. This seems to be less taxing on the person who is recommending the student, but also…
  • Hi all, I am late to this discussion, but for our 2021 application, we asked students, "In your own words, what is your gender identity?" Previously, we used female, male, and nonbinary, but there are students who don't feel that any of these three truly describe them. We wanted to make our application as welcoming as…
  • It would be great to hear opinions about addressing COVID-19 within the scholarship applications. I imagine many students will want to write about this in their college essays and/or scholarship applications. Will you add a question or section of your scholarship specifically about COVID-19 or will you leave it out of…
  • My name is Danielle Fleer. I am the Administrative Manager for the Pedrozzi Scholarship Foundation in California! I was lucky enough to attend a You Fly, We Buy in Montana last year and learned so much from it. I really valued the time spent with other scholarship providers so I'm looking forward to talking all things…
  • For those who were on the User Group Zoom call today, this is how our Third Party reference section is introduced to the scholarship applicants. For about 300-400 applications, I get less than 5-10 calls/emails to change out who the reference is after the application is submitted. _____________ REFERENCES Each reference…
  • Hi Elena, We don't use formal letters of recommendation, however, students are prompted to add two references who will fill out a form on their behalf - this utilizes the third-party question tool. The reference form is 6 questions where they rate the student on a scale of 1-5, then they have the option to leave comments…
  • Hi @SaraCryan , It's been a while since you posted, but thought maybe I could post and still be helpful for you or for others who look at this later. We do the same as you. We send that it is for the academic school year. We have some schools on semesters and others on quarters, so this keeps it pretty general, and then we…
  • Hi @jennmerriman , It looks like it's been a little while since you posted. I am also curious about this. Have you found any other resources to help? Thanks, Danielle
  • Hi @MichelleCollins , I know it's been a while since you posted, but maybe this will still help. Our scholarships are merit based, but financial situations are a factor of how much a student is awarded. Similar to what was described above, for us, it has worked out best that the student financial situation is not part of…
  • Hi @shayleejones , It looks like it has been a bit since you posted this question but since no one has replied, I figured I would, since better late than never, right? We award scholarships for all different majors and types of post high school education (and ages), so ours is a bit more broad than medical students. We…
  • Hi Bettie, It sounds like you had quite the year of transition for your scholarships! We don't have a survey at this time, but reading through your question posed here I thought of some ideas for you. For the students who applied for the scholarship, here are some question ideas: Was this the only scholarship application…
  • I will also add here - we have scholarships available for all ages of students from our city. They apply by what type of institution they will be attending: undergraduate, graduate, community college, and vocational scholarships. Our evaluators consists of a team of volunteers. We have an anonymous review process.