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Does anyone have a template to share for their "in memory of / in honor of" tributes? Thank you!


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    Perhaps we can help each other. We have something of a template, but I've not been able to get the fund name to populate in it. I've tried "funit_id" and "fund_name" but so far all we get is a blank :/ attached is the template we are currently using with mixed results.

    KaraAdams (Former Community Manager)
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    This is our memorial letters we send to let others know we received a donation in their name. We have a few fundholders who make a donation in someone's name on behalf of a customer instead of sending flowers etc. They also provide us, usually with the deceased loved one's information.

    It is with tender thoughts that we send to you and your family our deepest sympathies on the loss of your husband, INSERT NAME. May you find solace in one another and in knowing that we are sending wishes that you will find peace in this time.

    We wish to share with you that we received a donation in your husband's name from INSERT NAME . They have made this gift to honour your husband and to share in your grief.

    We hope that gifts such as these will bring you comfort and joy knowing that your husband's legacy will live on in helping grow our community forever. This donation will be pooled with other donations and will grow over time. A portion of the income generated from the pooled donations will annually be granted back into our community to local charitable organizations.

    Our caring thoughts are with you.

     Warmest wishes,

    KaraAdams (Former Community Manager)
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    Hi @JackieLaw - first a little template tip: your Fund Name merge field should be within the "for each donation" codes in order to populate. Since this letter is looking at the Tribute first, it can be used to list out multiple donations to different funds all in honor or in memory of the same person, so you need to keep all those fields together.

    I see clients take two direction - either a note or card like Rhonda shared above or the list version like Jackie shared. If you are using the Fund Advisor portal, your fundholders can also see tribute information from that donation export.

    KaraAdams (Former Community Manager)
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    Hi @LaurenWolpin - thank you for pointing out why what we are doing isn't working - but neither does it make sense to me to put within the "for each donation" because we have rarely had donors give to different fund in memory of ... but rather the obit or family has suggest "gifts to .. FUND" and NOT to CFECT. Might it be possible to make "funit_name" available "for each memorial"?

    Ours currently looks like this so I end up cutting and pasting the fund specified into the notification letters

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    Like @JackieLaw, I would prefer to see the fund name field available to use in the text above the list of honorary or memorial donations. When it's repeated over and over for multiple donors in the "for each donation" section, the letter feels awkward.

    JackieLawKaraAdams (Former Community Manager)JesikaEllis
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    Understood - if you are working with a Tribute that only goes to one fund, perhaps you could build the Fund Name right into the Tribute Name? This is also a great thing to put into our Client Idea Lab!

    KaraAdams (Former Community Manager)JackieLaw
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