Defending your decisions: How to stand up to those who claim you're not granting correctly

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I'm curious if any funder has a protocol, practice, or tool to use when a community member says, "Hey, I don't think you're granting the way you should!"

We know that not everyone is going to be pleased with your grant award decisions. And many people express disappointment. But every so often someone with privilege and/or power makes this claim and starts rocking the boat. Instead of standing up for our committee and their decisions, we often try to appease this person, even if their concerns aren't valid. (This usually results in lots of meetings and having to change procedures and practices.)

How do you defend your grantmaking practices? Do you have a strategy or approach you use when this happens?

Thanks in advance for your words of wisdom!



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    Excellent topic, @TomWickersham. I'm interested to hear what others would do, or have done, in this situation.

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