Does anyone have experience with a scholarship like this?

The Delaware Community Foundation has been approached by a community organizer about doing scholarships for his MERIT STEM program students (grades 9-12 - they qualify if they have been active for the last 4 years in MERIT) but they want to add money to the BASE of the scholarship for other things they do beyond participation - e.g. Exceeding Community Services Hours, Participation in STEM competitions, etc.

Our General Counsel has told us that the tuition part of the scholarship is tax-exempt, but anything ADDED to the scholarship will be taxable to the student, because it will not be for tuition but for their "other college expenses" like room and board, computers, etc. Does anyone have a scholarship like that and can I talk to you how to administer it? Thanks.



  • Hi @KellySheridan! I'm sure there are some other Compass members who have administered MERIT STEM program scholarships. Bumping your conversation back up so others can share their tips!

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