Foundation Turn Over (Grants and Scholarships Role Descriptions)

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I know one reality of Foundation work is regular turnover. I've had many conversations over the years with clients seeking advice on job descriptions for Grant and Scholarship Coordinator/Manager/Directors and suggestions on how to call out Foundant familiarity/technical aptitude in those descriptions.

If you have a current job description for a Grant or Scholarship Administrator that you are willing to share, please attach it below. If there's any other advice you would offer on hiring or onboarding, please add those comments.

Thanks in advance for the collaboration!

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    @AlyseBraaten , below is the job description that was posted for my position in 2017, a few grants managers ago.... Not a lot has changed. I've made a few markups for what I would like to see. As for other advice on hiring.... state the salary min or max up front; state if you are allowing remote/from home, and offer info on benefits. Onboarding can be done over days. If you're big enough, give the person a buddy or two. I worked for a University ages ago that took their time and gave you a bingo or treasure hunt card to figure some things out on your own (I was a buddy back then, and Loved this idea).

    I took out stuff that is specific to my job that wouldn't necessarily be specific to your needs.

    Enjoy! And, it's okay to ask questions!


    Grants Manager - Grants

    Member of the administration team responsible for carrying out a variety of administrative activities related to the Foundation’s grantmaking and general operations. This position reports to ...............

    ·        Performs as a power-user with (state your software AND allow for experience with other software), a grants management database system; enters data, processes requests and payments, develops and attaches electronic documents, performs analysis, and produces reports; serves as a database resource. (how many years in this do you want?)

    ·        Promotes administrative aspects of grantmaking process. (meaning all of the stuff below)

    ·        Creates grant files that meet legal, auditing, and foundation requirements, including developing and maintaining electronic records.

    ·        Contributes to and assists with preparation of board materials and reports.

    ·        Collects, sorts, responds to, and maintains grants management email and mail.

    ·       Coordinate and maintain electronic media content and communications.

    Education and Experience Required:

    ·        Bachelor’s degree preferred.

    ·        Minimum 5 years of experience within a professional office environment. Non-profit experience preferred.

    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

    ·        Excellent written and oral communication skills. Thorough knowledge of business English, spelling, and grammar.

    ·        Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills.

    ·        High attention to detail and solid analytical skills.

    ·        Ability to effectively prioritize, multi-task, and manage time to support the work of various functions.

    ·        A positive attitude and high level of flexibility.

    ·        Ability to work independently and handle confidential material.

    ·        Interest in the Foundation’s mission and the administration of grantmaking and philanthropy.

    ·        Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, Excel and working knowledge of relational databases. Willingness to learn grantmaking software program.

    ·        Say something here about databases -- do you want someone with small, medium, or LOTS of experience?

    Success Factors:

    ·        Professionalism, accountability, and self-motivation

    ·        Detail oriented

    ·        Demonstrated ability to be flexible in managing a workload of varied tasks, some with conflicting deadlines

    ·        Strong written and oral communication

    ·        Proven ability to be a self-starter and work independently under pressure and with minimal supervision.

    ·        Flexible and dependable

    ·        Excellent organizational skills

    Essential physical requirements:

    ·           Must be physically able to do assigned work as outlined above.

    ·           Must be physically able to sit and use the computer for hours at a time.

    ·           Must be able to lift up to 20 pounds.

    ·           Must be able to communicate in English effectively with other individuals.

    ·           Must be able to maintain good relations with employees, supervisors and the public.

    ·           Must be able to follow written and verbal instructions.

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