Accommodation Language for Low Tech Applicants

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During a recent call we discussed some great strategies for assisting low-tech applicants and needs. A variety of methodology is being used to let applicants know the service is available (only if they ask, word of mouth, provide information in webinars, etc).

Our language is: If you do not have reasonable access to a computer or high speed internet connection or have other technology challenges, please contact....

What language and methodology are you using? How are you sharing it? Is it in your guidelines or on a "How to apply for and manage a grant" page? Or somewhere else?

BONUS QUESTIONS: Some of our programming (particularly small project grants to individual artists) is paid as a reimbursement (assures project happened, allows for collection of receipts, reduces risks associated with paying up front). The challenge is these individual artists are the ones who need the money up-front the most. So we are considering a "hardship" clause.  "If receiving the funding as a reimbursement after the project is complete will be a hardship for you, please email staff for alternatives." My questions: 1. A better name? 2. Anyone else doing this? 3. Is it realistic to think anyone would admit to needing it up front?



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