Can you share your grant agreement language for multi-year grants?

We are going to start making multi-year grants in 2021 (woohoo!) and I am looking for examples of language / templates that others are using for their multi-year grant agreements. We have a solid template in Foundant for one-year grants, but would love to understand what needs to be written in there for mutli-year awards. I am still building what the rest of the process will look like (follow ups, reporting, etc) but envision that it will be one agreement/award with multiple installments.

Thank you for sharing, you are welcome to email me examples too at [email protected]

With gratitude,

Karyn M.



  • Hi @karynmckelvey

    We do things a little different... The grant award letter contains the following:

    "We are happy to advise you that the Board of Directors of this Foundation recently authorized approval of your Grant Request in the amount, for the purposes, and subject to the special conditions indicated below:

    Amount: Up to: Amount Awarded

      Purpose: Audit and 990 Summary

    Special Conditions: This grant authorization is valid through END OF FY. At the sole discretion of the Foundation, material changes in the funded project may void this grant award offer.

    The grant terms / agreement does not mention the date of the grant, but does state the expected reporting (bi-annually).

    For us, once the grant award letter goes out, we schedule a grantee conference and explain the start and end dates, and the milestones between, and it's my job to make sure Foundant is set to send those reminders and monitor compliance.

    Does this help?


  • Thank you, @HeidiFindlay ! Appreciate this language and that it's written a bit more open ended in terms of dates.

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