Who is coding nonprofits by sector AND by services provided?

Hello Foundant community,

I am fairly new to Foundant. When the time comes to tell a "story" about where your grants were allocated, what system do you use to pull the data? Do you code in c-suite and GLM? Do you have more than one field that allows for multiple codes per grant allowing you to filter by both sectors of nonprofits (i.e Arts, Human Services, Education) and service provided (food, housing, technology to support education or tele-health)? If anyone is interested in sharing experiences either here or over a phone call, I would love to connect. If this is something you are striving to do, I would also welcome the opportunity to connect and learn best practice together. Thank you!

Kate Clavijo

Pasadena Community Foundation



  • Hi Kate!

    Many of our client will use GLM for the story telling type of coding that you're talking about. That's because you have more flexibility to determine your own coding categories in GLM. An important thing to remember is that your DAF grants don't, generally, live in GLM. So if you're wanting to do story telling reporting on DAF grants, we need to keep thinking.

    I'm going to tag a few clients that may have thoughts on this topic to spark some more discussion here. In the mean time, this blog covers some data traps that we have all found ourselves in. https://resources.foundant.com/blog/data-traps

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    Alyse, Thank you for tagging me in this conversation.

    Kate, as a Community Foundation and user of GLM and C-suite, we've set our approval form in GLM to collect our Coding on our grants, unrestricted and Donor Advised. Since our transition, from FIMS to Foundant, at the end of 2018, we've been using the same/similar coding available in FIMS. - Full disclaimer, we are rethinking our coding at the moment as we want to improve our story telling and in regards to DEI. We've realized that Foundant offers a lot more flexibility in coding and we're only scratching the surface of the story that our grant can provide.

    Currently, most of the questions are drop down list so we can identify the main purpose of the grant, though age group and Ethnic Group(s) Served are checked box. Our grantee also provides information, in more details, about the area they are serving which the choices are from our 29-town region that we serve, statewide or out of state, set as checkbox.

    I've attached our coding form, feel free to reach out with any questions!

    I welcome any suggestion if others are going through similar process!


    Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

  • Thank you Juana. I have also called other foundations to get information. It would be great if your response inspires some others to share their experiences as well. I could try to synthesize what I learn and share back.



  • @JuanaBaribeau thank you for sharing your approval form and your procedures! This is so helpful. @KimSlipy you may find this example useful as you all are finalizing processes.

  • Thanks @JuanaBaribeau. You're coding form is really helpful. We are new to Foundant this year, so it's helpful to see how other Foundations are categorizing grantees. @MarceySink you might find this feed interesting as we continue to think about funding areas with grants.

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