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Hi all!

The foundation I work as an accountant for is looking for a fairly simple budgeting software to utilize. In past years we have used Excel to create all of our budgets but we found it to be cumbersome and overwhelming to make sure everything linked properly between individual and consolidated worksheets.

We are wondering, what budgeting software does your foundation use and if anyone has any recommendations?

Thanks in advance!



  • We use Quickbooks for our accounting software and it has a wonderful budget component.


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    Thanks Deirdre. Do you by chance have any integration or routine reporting between Quickbooks and GLM?



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    @WendyVendel -

    We do not have any integration, the number of grants we give each year is approximately 20-25.


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    Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation

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    Hi @TylerGreuel!

    CSuite does offer a basic budgeting tool that is built into the software. Within our financial reporting there are built in reports that allow you to see budget to actual comparison as well. We have been talking about making some enhancements to that area of the software. If the budget functionality isn't currently meeting your needs I would love to hear that feedback so that we could work to make that part of the software better. If you would like to know about some of the changes we have coming for budgets, please let me know. - Laura

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    HI, Tyler.

    Are you asking in regards to your operating budget? We would like to find a tool to use as well! We use Excel spreadsheets and have the same frustrations you have listed. We use the spreadsheets to look at different budgeting scenarios, and once the budget is balanced we enter it in CSuite. I would be interested in solutions other foundations are using to prepare their operating budgets.

    Renee Hanshue


    Fremont Area Community Foundation

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    Hi Tyler,

    We are very new to CSuites (30 days now), but looking for intergraded budgeting software that can replace our separate Excel spreadsheet process. This relates to our administrative budget.

    Jake Schrantz, Fiscal Officer

    Chautauqua Region Comm Fdtn

  • I'm very interested in what Foundant has in mind for budgeting workflow improvements, too. We're looking closely at Centage right now and it's pretty impressive, both for budgeting and for reporting out of CSuite in a way that doesn't require figuring out the custom reports interface, which my staff finds very daunting.

    Chris Hayashida-Knight

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    North Valley Community Foundation

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    This is a great conversation. We use GLM for grant making and our company's accounting software is PeopleSoft. Anyone who has any interfaces with that system would be my new best friend! :-)

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