Strategies to address DEI

What is your Community Foundation doing to address Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within the communities you serve?

Karen Wolf

Operations Coordinator

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  • As a member of Foundant's DEI team I would love to learn more about your strategies as well. Thanks for asking this question @KarenWolf

  • I'm not from a Community Foundation, but this is a question I have for our hospital foundation and also as the national board chair of a professional organization. In both cases, I want our outcomes to be real and measurable and not just lip service and platitudes. Any advice is welcome!

  • We are doing some ACES trainings and tying that back into DEI.

  • We are starting with a board diversity policy trying to define what diversity means for our foundation. Our board has talked a lot about the concept of diversity of thought rather than focusing on one particular category. We plan to use this policy as a starting point for our discussions since several positions need to be filled over the next 12 months.

  • @TobiBruhn I'm chair of a national board. We are proposing a DEI policy at our next meeting that has diversity metrics for our board, all committees, working groups and task forces as well as for all of our educational offerings including our national conference. It's aggressive, but I hope it passes to give us a new and meaningful direction.

  • That's great @KentWeimer. Maybe you can share in this forum if it passes. We are not in a position yet to adopt diversity metrics but I would love to see how you and your board navigate this process in a meaningful and intentional way.

  • Tobi, if it passes, I will be happy to share. It starts with a nice statement about why this is important.


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