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Hi - I searched but couldn't find this thread already.

We have several staff out in the community having conversations with orgs, performing site visits, etc and want to establish a good way of sharing that information across the team.

How do other CFs track notes and takeaways from meetings with nonprofit orgs and other groups? It seems like the 'notes' tab within CSuite makes the most sense, but would require staff to remember and prioritize capturing notes there, which may not be the most successful for some members of our team. Any other techniques we are missing?


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    Hey Megan -

    Notes and/or Tasks are a great option for this. They can be attached to any sort of record, so you might attach them to Profiles, or even within the 'Donor' or 'Grantee' designations within Profiles. They can also be attached to Donations or Grants so they are very versatile. We see many organizations create 'Task Types' such as Meeting, Phone Call, Site Visit, etc... These are great if you want to track or measure 'touch points' with certain Donors or Organizations, as they can be reported on.

    Here's a link to an Overview of how Tasks can be configured! https://support.foundant.com/hc/en-us/articles/5298806575895-Notes-and-Tasks-Overview

    If your staff takes lots of handwritten notes or gathers hardcopy materials, you can always scan and attach those to records as well. https://support.foundant.com/hc/en-us/articles/4404655959319-Files

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