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We've had a few grant applicants requesting a writable pdf of our grant applications. They prefer answering grant questions in a separate document and save before copying and pasting answers into the actual application. GLM has a "questions list" that can be downloaded/printed and the apply page has a preview of our applications, but nothing editable. Does anyone have recommendations on best practice for something like this? It does seem like double the work for the applicant and we would prefer not steering them in the direction of creating more work than necessary.


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    Hi @MindyHowman - we did similarly to @DawnGrundeman in that we took the question list and generated it in both Word and PDF formats to share on our website. We do have an Adobe license to be able to convert the file types, but we did not take the PDF and make response fields within that file. I think we could do that but the concern with that was around folks thinking then they might not use the grant system at all if they could just complete it within the PDF and then email it to us.
    Within our website we make it known that we do not accept mailed or emailed applications, but we offer the question lists so that folks can work offline and plan outside of the system and, when ready to submit, they can transfer that information into the online application form.

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