Grant Acceptance Forms & Best Practices

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Hi All,

I am reaching out for your best practices when it comes to signing grant acceptance forms. Currently, our Foundation has a grant acceptance form built out in GLM that is assigned as a follow-up form. Below are the questions that we ask regarding authorization to sign/accept.

Most often, we find that the person who is writing the grant tends to be program staff or a grant writer and not someone who is allowed to enter into contracts for the organization. That is why we have this workflow if you will.

I would love to hear how your Foundation manages this process! Thanks 😊


Authorized Consent*

Have your informed your President, Executive Director or Principal of the grant program/project and received their authorization to accept the grant award?


Yes, I am the authorized person

Yes, the authorized person has given consent

Authorized Person*

Name and Title of Authorized Person:


I acknowledge that the appropriate personnel, including the executor of this grant, have read and understand the terms and conditions of this grant. I further accept and will comply with those terms and conditions.







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    Our Foundation uses a similar verbiage following the contract. I like your wording better, especially the first question and might start using this too---"Have you informed..."

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    Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida

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