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I'm researching how other Community Foundations manage keeping CSuite profiles updated, do you have a dedicated team member? We are looking to hire a dedicated person to do all of our data entry/profile updates + pulling reports and lists and managing campaigns etc. I'm wondering the following

  • Do you have a Dedicated person
  • If you have a dedicated person, what department/team do they sit on?
  • If you have a dedicated person, do you have a job description you would be comfortable sharing with me? Plus how is it going?


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    @Jennymolyneaux that's really interesting! May I ask how big your organization is/how many staff members you have? The more I learn about CSuite, GLM, and SLM, the more I think we could benefit from a "database manager" role.

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    We have a staff of 15; I am the Database Administrator for CSuite and work part time (20 hours per week). Grantmaking, Finance and Development each have an admin/specialist person that manages profiles (among their other support duties). They report to each department head, however, they also share admin responsibilities and we meet weekly to review profiles and updates. I think hiring a dedicated database manager is great!

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    With a staff of 20, we have a role specific to our database but they are not the data entry person. They focus more on the organization's holistic use of data, including reporting and analysis as well as data quality, governance, etc.

    Each person in their respective lane has roles to play with data entry. (For example, the Accountant enters and processes gifts, the Donor Engagement Officer enters manually received grants, and the Grants Manager enters due diligence information). We have a cross-departmental group that meets monthly to discuss internal database issues, review processes, integrate new releases, etc.

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    We are a staff of 12 and I am the database manager, although my title does not reflect this, I sit on the Grants team. Everyone on the team is responsible for their own data entry as the work would be too cumbersome for me alone along with my other duties.

    I advise my team members on entry guidelines - ex. Profile Types. I keep an eye on data integrity through a series of maintenance reports to ensure consistency in coding so that the data is reliable when specific report requests are made.

    I don't have my own job description handy, but the Technology Association of Grantmakers started a job description library last year. You can access this library if you are a member here: https://www.tagtech.org/general/custom.asp?page=jobdescriptions. I've also attached three that closely match my duties at the Foundation I work for.

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