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Hi all,

We are planning to open a call for proposals from local nonprofits to support programs/projects focused on seniors specifically. We want to keep the initial RFP flexible and do not want to add many requirements on the type of program it should be however we are thinking we should avoid funding any programs that already receive significant annual funding from local or federal government programs such as Medicare. This is our first time doing an RFP for this general purpose. Has anyone opened a similar RFP that would be willing to share the language you used?

Thank you!

Beth Nuttall, Executive Manager

Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands


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    Hi Beth from Jane Cunningham in Saint Paul, MN. I was on the Board of the Stevens Square Foundation, a Minnesota nonprofit headquartered in Minneapolis that focuses on supporting older adults. Here is a link to their website where they post the exclusions in their grantmaking:

    While the Foundation board regretting have to put these limitations or exclusion in place, we felt they were needed given the relatively smallish sums the Foundation had to grant. You might want to check them out. PS: I now work for the State of MN - MN Board on Aging in grant kmaking -- and I have a brother and sister -n law who live on St. Croix!

    Not Eligible for Funding:

    • The delivery of direct medical and psychological service to individuals
    • The delivery of services that are also covered through individual payments by Medicaid, Medicare, or private insurance
    • Services provided to individuals living in long-term care facilities
    • Grants directly to individuals
    • Capital projects or campaigns and large capital expenses
    • Endowment

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    Thank you for sharing Jane!

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