Email Tax Receipts Best Practice

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Hi there - we want to start emailing more tax receipts from donations to lower costs (printing, postage, etc.). However, our first stab at using this was extremely clunky. Does anyone have a process they use that they could share?

We will be working to collect emails - but in the meantime we need to email what we can, and then print/mail the others.

Here is what we run up against:

Donations/Tax Receipts - when we choose "email receipts" - if a primary email isn't listed, we get a list of those and then a "try again" button. We cannot get past this list unless we have all primary emails set up. So then we have to manually check which receipts we want to email. AND we have to go back and choose those same ones to "mark as sent." And then the rest listed are those we need to print/mail. But it's difficult to know who has primary emails and who does not.

I think an easy solution to fix this would be for CSuite to add a column that has PRIMARY EMAIL so that we know if they have a primary email set up - we can choose to email and mark those as sent more easily by that column being added to the tax receipt page. Otherwise it's super manual and tedious.

Just wondering if I'm missing something or others have these same concerns?


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    We are looking to create more electronic tax receipts too. Thanks for posting this. Your suggestion sounds like a good one. Sorry, I don't have more to share.

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    We would like to email more receipt this year as well. Lots of profile cleanup and template refinement needed to make this work. I look forward to hearing guidance on this a well. Thank you for starting the conversation.

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