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For donors, does anyone have payment options other than credit card or cryptocurrency on their website? I'm thinking e-check, quick checkouts, google/apple pay, venmo, etc for mobile options. If you do have these other options, can a donor who creates an account save their payment information for quick check out in future donations.


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    Hi @CrystalReece! Bumping your question back up to the top of the list for others to see and chime in. I personally love seeing Venmo as a donation option on sites, and have made several donations that way. So easy!

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    We have fiscal sponsors asking us to accept Venmo.

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    Has anyone went through the process to sign up for Venmo ?

    I heard it was complicated ? We have had several of our groups that fundraise ask for it. 🤑

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    I am hoping we can revisit this topic of Venmo! Have any CFs set up the Venmo for Non Profit and what does the back end look like? If we were just using it for ourselves and all the money was coming to us as a donation to our general fund, that would be easy. Is there a place for the donor to enter additional information regarding the fund? Using the personal Venmo, there is a space to type what it's for, I just wasn't sure what the Non Profit version looked like?

    Appreciate any information you can share!


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