Do you remind your scholarship applicants of the due date?

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This is my first year with our Foundation for managing the scholarships. The due date is coming up shortly. There are more drafts every day, but some have been there since it began. Is it a common task to let applicants know the due date is a week away?

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    Hi @KristenBertrand,

    I can't say if it's common, but we certainly make an effort to encourage applicants to finish up their application and remind them of the deadline! We have over 400 applicants each year, and I'd like to think this little extra nudge will help some of them through the financial needs of college.

    Hope that helps!


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    Hello @KristenBertrand!

    We are sure to send an email reminder of the due date for scholarships twice. A week before the due date and the day before. It's a super easy way to just give that gentle nudge for students who are probably trying to keep track of many due dates!

    Great question and hope that helps you!


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    @KristenBertrand, we email applicants with processes in draft a few days before but we also keep in close touch with our school guidance offices. We update them regularly with the status of applications for the students in their schools as well as letting them know if there are recommendation requests pending. Many of those pending recommendations are teachers, so it is easy for them to reach out and nudge them to get them done by the deadline.

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    @KristenBertrand Hi Kristen! We send out a few reminder emails prior to the deadline to those students still in drafts. We also send a reminder out each week on our social media from application launch, to application close (about 9 weeks).

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    This year I did a slightly labor-intensive process where I only sent reminders to Pending applicants for scholarships that did not have many applications already submitted. We have some scholarships that get loads of applications and some that get very few and I really just wanted to make sure there were at least a handful of applicants to the latter.

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