2021 Compass Recap!

Thank you all for a great year and your contributions to our community. Seeing you use this space to help one another by answering questions and sharing resources is inspiring. I can't wait to see what 2022 brings.

Let's keep the conversation going, and keep maximizing our impact on the philanthropic community!

-Kara, Community Manager

In 2021...

New Members: 1,224 (Current Total: 2,950 members)

Discussions: 700

Comments: 2,079

Questions Answered: 189

Most Popular Badges: Dog Person, Caramel Lover, Coffee Addict

Top 10 Most-Viewed Conversations:

1) Best Practices for Using ACHs by @LindaCleveland

2) Electronic Grant Payments Transition by @elizabethfinch

3) Indiana by @MarieFelver

4) Cryptocurrency Donations by @MinalPatel

5) Scholarships - Determining Financial Need by @AudraClodfelter

6) Resilient Philanthropy: #FixtheForm and Application Streamline by @SammieHolzwarth

7) Could you share your Universal Scholarship Applications? by @BethNuttall

8) Scholarship Evaluation Committee Best Practices by @AlyseBraaten

9) Seeking Ideas for Fun and/or Inspiring Grant Names by @TomWickersham

10) Can you share your grant agreement language for multi-year grants? by @karynmckelvey

Runners Up: Having a Gratitude Attitude by @EphraimGopin and #FurryFriday by...everyone!



  • ooh! I love this kind of data!

    Were there any unanswered questions?

    Are there any badges not yet earned?

    Did anyone request a badge be created?

    Are we active in chat one quarter or season over another?

    How many are in here under GLM or SLM or both or employees?

    Thank you!!


  • @HeidiFindlay, so you're one of those number people! 😂 Here are some responses for you, with the data I have available to me!

    Were there any unanswered questions?

    - Yes, occasionally a question stumps the community! Our goal is to have questions answered in less than one week. Our average answer time last year was 2.7 days. When a question doesn't get an answer after a reasonable amount of time, I ask my fellow Foundant Team Members if they have an experience with the topic and can respond, or know another peer or customer who could. Unanswered questions are also featured in the monthly Compass Connections newsletter. You can help a fellow community member by taking a look at current Unanswered Question anytime, and responding when you can!

    Are there any badges not yet earned?

    Yes, three of our professional credential badges have not yet been earned: Certified Financial Planner, Certified Grant Writer, and Certified Grants Management Specialist

    Did anyone request a badge be created?

    We did receive a request for a "Vaccinated" badge, but decided that wasn't a badge we wanted to offer in our community at this time.

    Are we active in chat one quarter or season over another?

    In 2021, Q1 and Q4 were the most active with new comments and discussions. Activity slowed down over the summer, hopefully because people were spending time with family and friends! We had the most visits to the site in April, June, August, September and December.

    How many are in here under GLM or SLM or both or employees?

    We do not currently break down Compass membership by what products are owned, just whether a member is a current customer using one or more of Foundant's products. Compass is open to anyone working in the philanthropic space though, and customers can request their own GLM, SLM, CSuite, GrantHub (and soon, Nonprofit Core) badges. There are currently 208 Foundant Team Members in Compass, and we just topped 3,000 total members yesterday!

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