Struggling with Attendance

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Good afternoon Compass family!

Looking to revamp some of our questions on our application and struggling with one question/answer in particular.... how to ask about excess absences or tardies that show on an applicant's high school transcript??

I would really appreciate to hear how you ask this question on your application!! Ideas, suggestions or comments!

Thank you,

Kasey Rouse

Scholarship Program Manager - Hamilton Community Foundation



  • We don't ask about a student's attendance. I guess it has never seemed relevant to our selection process! Maybe we're missing something, but -- just asking -- would it make more sense to just remove this question altogether? #fixtheform

  • Thank you for your comment @TomWickersham ... attendance is a requirement for some of our scholarships. So unfortunately we can't remove the question.

  • Too bad, @KaseyRouse. Around here, attendance is not listed on transcripts, so I wouldn't even know how to begin asking about this. I suspect most foundation's scholarship programs have those early agreements that stipulate unnecessary or undue burdens as part of the criteria. I know ours does. And I would count attendance requirements as an example of unnecessary requirements. Hopefully these are not continuing with newer agreements...??

    Best of luck figuring this out. Wish I could have been helpful...

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