How long is your scholarship application open?

For years, our organization's annual scholarship application has opened on January 15 and closed two months later on March 15. We're considering moving up the deadline and having the application open for a shorter period of time, possibly 6 weeks.

What are the open & close dates for your scholarship program? What factors influenced how long the application is open for?




  • @ElenaKeltz - We open our scholarship application around Feb 20 and close April 1.

    Factors in the dates :

    Open date - Feb 20: We won't formally post our scholarship application until we have confirmation from donors on the amount and number of awards for each fund which can vary from year to year depending on the earnings from the year before. Our board does not approve payouts until the end of January.

    Close date - April 1: That gives us time to review the completed applications, get them to the committees, give the evaluators time to complete their reviews and me time to summarize evaluations (love the Report function) and back out to the committees before we meet to make final recommendations at the end of April/early May. We typically start announcing awards around the second week of May at the various school award programs.


    Bettie Stammerjohn

    Executive Director

    Community Foundation of Greene County, Pennsylvania

  • Hi @ElenaKeltz

    We have tweaked our scholarship timeline over the years and have the following planned for 2022:

     Open application – January 7

    o  Deadline for applicants – March 4

    o  References due – March 11

    o  Applications shared with committees – Week of March 14

    o  Committee ratings due by April 1

    o  Summary of ratings shared with committees – April 2 - 4

    o  Final selection recommendations due April 8

    o  Review applicants recommended for multiple scholarships – Week of April 11

    o  Board meeting to approve selections – April 25

    Knowing we announce awards beginning in early May, we backed up our timeline from there. We built in some extra time for this upcoming cycle for our scholarship steering committee to review multiple award situations. We often have a handful of students who are recommended for multiple awards, and sometimes we are able to go back to committees to make adjustments and spread out the awards.

    As far as the open date, I think we would be okay opening a little later in January as most of our students wait until the final week (or day!) to apply.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Laurie Abildso

    Vice President

    Your Community Foundation of North Central West Virginia, Inc.

  • Our is similar: Jan. 10 opens; closes around March 10. Side note: This is one application deadline that changes from year to year. We purposely have the deadline always fall on a Wednesday night (moving date) rather than a fixed date, which may result in deadlines on weekends.

  • Most of our applications open in January and close in April. We require financial aid award letters for our need-based scholarships. Our past experience was that many incoming freshmen don't have their institutional award info before April 1. Our renewal applications close in mid-June, also due to timing of financial aid award letters.

  • We have our applications open from October 1 through March 1.

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    This is a great question as we are currently revaluating our timeline. In the past we opened our scholarships mid-November on a Monday (around 11/16) and close mid-February on a Wednesday (around 2/12). We allow an extra week for 3rd party recommendations as it seems majority of the students wait until the last minute to send the requests. Over the past few years we've noticed majority of our applications are started/completed during the last two weeks with the bulk coming in the last few days. We do a staff review and remove any applications that don't meet criteria before we send them to our committee for review. We try to give the committee a month for reviews (again it seems they are either completely quickly within the first few days of assignment or at end of the period). For certain scholarships we do interviews - typically the top 2 or 3 students for each scholarship based on the committee evaluations. Interviews are early May with awards announced at year-assemblies/graduations in late May.

    KaraAdams[Deleted User]
  • We changed ours a couple of years ago to open on November 1st with a deadline of January 15th.

    I like that we opened it earlier for the current college students and high school seniors to be able to apply while they are on Fall and Winter break.

    KaraAdams[Deleted User]
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