Other funders seeing fewer applications submitted?

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Hello. We’ve been getting fewer applications in recent weeks (possibly months), and we’re not sure of the reasons. One theory is that some NPOs are getting CARES money and are less reliant on grants.

Are others experiencing this too?

Thanks for any feedback!



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    We have seen a SLIGHT decline in applications over the past year as well. We have theories as to why (impacts of COVID on workload/staffing, CARES funding, other emergency funding, etc.) but no real data to point to.

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    As an arts funder we have seen a reduction in applications from organizations. We attribute that in part to many events having to be cancelled/postponed. There is also an issue of funds from previous grants being rolled forward into future projects, creating less demand for new funding at this time.

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    I represent a community foundation and our requests have surprisingly decreased since COVID. I've confirmed this trend with our local, private foundations as well. We all have theories (reduced programs, federal assistance, cancelled events, etc.), but no real data. I'd be interested to see some nation-wide data.

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