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Director of Grants & Fund Management
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Peninsula Community Foundation of Virginia
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Hampton, Virginia


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  • I have a question about best practices for need-based scholarships. We have run into applicants who have been accepted at multiple schools, some more expensive than others. There have been instances in the past where they were awarded a scholarship and decided to go to a less expensive school. If we had known that…
  • @MichelleCollins Thank you for the tips! I'll definitely give that information to our scholarship director and see if it works for us!
  • @LaurieAbildso Thanks for the tips! 😁 I know we provide them with links to our website, but we haven't created any flyers or social media posts so we can definitely look into that. I'll check if we copy any secretaries or other staff as well. The one crazy thing we have noticed is the letters of recommendations from…
  • @DeirdreHamill Hi Deirdre. When you had your experience with fraud, what fund did you apply the activity to? We originally applied the fraudulent check that cleared to our Operating Fund, but our CEO was asking if we should create a "Fraud Fund" or something to that affect so it doesn't hit our Operating Fund. Any thoughts…
  • @DoriWanitschke That's great! I've offered to give our auditor access so just waiting to hear back whether they will do that or not. Did you/they have to do any further detail in the audit report, or was it fully sufficient the way it exports?
  • I pulled the GL detail, but they said it's not in the format they can use. They want the detail for each account/fund separated out. I've worked with my CM on other reports that may work. I honestly think the auditor just isn't used to the way it's formatted because it's a different system than they are used to. I wasn't…
  • Hi Jennifer! Our Foundation manages the Impact 100 Greater Peninsula Fund! I am an Impact member and liaison for the Foundation. I manage the membership database and collect forms and payments. Glad to see Impact represented here! 😀