Hello from San Antonio Texas!

My name is Jennifer Bligh and I am the Impact San Antonio Foundant liaison.

I enjoy working in Foundant to what some might call a disturbing degree.

I am guessing the same might be said for some others in this group.

I have a day job, but it's lunchtime, so I'm catching up on Impact stuff, including joining this new community.

Given the current pandemic and its consequences, now is a great time for Foundant to launch this - I look forward to connecting with other funders facing the same issues we are.




  • KaraAdamsKaraAdams Posts: 523
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    Hi Jen! We're glad you're here, and don't think your fondness for Foundant is disturbing at all. If you have any #WFH tips you'd like to share during your next productive lunch, feel free to post them in our Working from Home tips group in Resources!

    Welcome to Compass!


  • JenniferBrambleyJenniferBrambley Posts: 26
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    Hi Jennifer!

    Our Foundation manages the Impact 100 Greater Peninsula Fund! I am an Impact member and liaison for the Foundation. I manage the membership database and collect forms and payments.

    Glad to see Impact represented here! 😀

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    Hi Jennifer! So glad you're here! My name is Lynsie, I'm a Solutions Engineer for Foundant, and I work remotely from my home in Fort Worth! I think this new Community will be such an incredible place to connect with each other, and I look forward to "meeting" more of our Texas folks. Before joining the Foundant team I was actually on the client side -- I worked for The Dallas Foundation, and prior to that, for Communities Foundation of Oklahoma, so I was a client for a decade! I can most definitely echo your love for the software!!

    Just wanted to say hello. Stay safe in San Antonio - looking forward to the time we can get back to our regular regional/user group meet ups!

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