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  • I'm curious on this one too! As a Foundant employee, I've seen many surveys administrators have asked their organizations, typically at the bottom of the application form. Most are on the shorter side, all questions optional, so that the nonprofit doesn't HAVE to feel like they need to fill it out. Typically I'll see a…
  • Hey all - very good stuff here! We are currently soliciting feedback in Idea Lab regarding volume of how many texts you would like to send. Feel free to weigh in!
  • Hey @AmyNossaman and @HeidiFindlay - Long time, no see, you two! Hope you both have been well :) I love love LOVE this question - a friend of mine is a disability rights activist so I think about this issue a lot, especially with technology which is supposed to make all our lives easier, right? A couple things I want to…
  • Awesome topic, Rand - thanks for sharing/starting! 2020 has been a challenging year, for sure. But it also has given me some room for reflection, trying new things, and rediscovering things I love. Giving thanks for: rediscovering reading for fun once more (I crushed my Goodreads goal and have read 41 books this year!),…
  • For all my podcast peeps out there, a fellow CSM at Foundant (Thanks @JoshuaBernard!) introduced me to Work Life with Adam Grant, which is excellent. There was a recent episode discussing burnout in the workplace that is a really easy listen if anyone is…
  • Hi Debbie, I'm so thrilled you asked this question! I'm very interested to know what other folks do when it comes to this. I wanted to throw a few resources your way. Foundant hosted a coffee talk around this subject that you might find useful: I also used to use a nonprofit vetting sheet at my former community foundation…
  • Hey all! At my former Community Foundation, there was a small percent of discretionary funds that encouraged nonprofit mergers and allowed for funds for a consultant to help think through how two organizations can come together (working through a shared vision, mission statement, organizational structure, etc.) as well as…
  • My husband knows me too well. Perhaps the best gift I've ever gotten. (Walter is hanging out below the portrait in this pic!) #FurryFriday
  • Hi Cynthia! I too would love to hear examples of other foundations that are collecting this data and how it's influencing decision making! I also wanted to provide this blog as a resource I wrote a few months ago - while it doesn't have as much practical context, it does have some resources for folks interested in this…