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  • If anyone is interested, you can see a summary of each state's requirements here: https://www.nasconet.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/NASCO-State-Charities-Registration-Survey-5.15.20-.pdf This is more than two years out of date at this point, so you should definitely check with each state, separately.
  • @DouglasGrove - I'm not sure if this would help organizations stand out, but I love questions that let applicants share their experience outside of the framework set up by the funder. For example, you may need to have applicants categorize their work by the geography they serve or the problems they address. But rather than…
  • Great question! I am adding my name here so I can more easily follow the conversation. I'll also think about who might have a good answer. I don't remember talking about this with anyone but maybe I can come up with something.
  • ' Just a reminder that we can also copy forms from one site to another, with everyone's permission. So if someone had a grants form that you are like that they are willing to share we can copy it into your site so you can adapt it.
  • @BethNuttall Thanks. Let me know if we can help at all when you try it out.
  • @CelesteCarlson This seems like a lifetime ago, but did you get a good response to your survey? Was it helpful? I'm doing a little research into how people used data through the pandemic and I'd love to hear stories of funders learning from (about?) the needs of their nonprofit partners.
  • I would be interested in hearing what other software people use to format their data? Excel? Other software? Is anyone sharing data with their board online, or are you only presenting it in a board book? @LauraWickizer I would love to know how you create those great charts on your website. They are fantastic and I bet…
  • @KateClavijo Do you like Visme? I haven't heard of it but I'm on the page now and it looks cool.
  • @WhitneyDavis How did you end up tracking that distribution? Were you able to track the ultimate recipients or did you just track it as a distribution/grant made to the United Way?
  • @BethNuttall Did you have any luck getting an electronic signature on a mail merged doc? This came up the other day and I thought about you.
  • I'm curious if anyone has used spotters or nominators for scholarships like this. I've seen that model used for direct-assistance grants. Social workers are told about the availability of funds and make a request on behalf of their clients. Would something like that work in the scholarship world?
  • I just wanted to say "Hi" and "let me know what you need" to everyone in Illinois. I'm currently Foundant's sole employee in Illinois but I did hear that may be changing soon.
  • @AndrewDudleyShannon Did anyone ever reach out to you about collaboration? Did you have anything specific in mind? Sorry to be late to the party. I'm actually in Illinois, not Wisconsin (insert joke about FIBs here) but I've seen a few models of collaboration which I'd be happy run though if you all are interested.
  • @BethNuttall - Have you tried using the Mail Merge feature in GLM/SLM to create the documents before adding the signature functionality provided by Adobe? I'm wondering if we can save you some time that way?
  • Welcome to Foundant @jennyoo! We have a couple of other clients who do arts funding in the region. Let me know if you ever want me to help make that connection. We were doing a Chicago user group about once a year before Covid. If there is interest, we can always hold a virtual group. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing…
  • @KentWeimer Do you collect stories from grantees, on either an application or a progress report? I wonder if you could be more proactive about finding stories to share with individual donors, perhaps as the reports come in?
  • I think many Foundant clients create internal processes to record disaster assistance and other grants that are made without competitive applications. By copying an existing process and removing everything you don't need to track with these grants, as well as making the process internal, you can enter the grant quickly and…
  • This is Ghillie, pretty much summing up how we all feel to be stuck inside.