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At the Summit 2022, we had a great opportunity to have scholarship-based discussions with peers all over the country. I've tagged scholarship professionals who attended this year.

Do you have any topics you'd love to continue to chat with your peers about? Please add some ideas in the comments, or continue on one of the topics from our session below, so we can keep the momentum going!

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It was so great seeing you at SUMMIT!

-Alyse Braaten

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    Here are some of the topics we covered in our Compass Live session at #FoundantSummit2022!

    Financial need scholarship:

    • What % of the cost are you responsible for.
    • Text for a recent change in need or difficult situation
    • Family size
    • EFC – College board might help – What number is the cutoff, just compare, 20k, 35k, 60k

    Talking with donors about requiring too much and it becomes a barrier of entry to application for students. How do balance verification and trust?

    • Provide opportunities for help with FASFA
    • Alternatives

    Do you allow applicants to defer their funds?

    • Up to the admin
    • Up to 1 year
    • Goes back to the funder to get approval

    Orientation for students

    • Helps them connect, encourage them to stand up for themselves and reach out.

    Letters of recommendations

    • Some love them.
    • Who do the students ask for those letters?
    • Asking board and donor permission and talking with committee members.

    Using text messaging to remind them of things.

    • Send hub?

    Do you do an alumni program?

    Reverse scholarships more commonly called Place-based loan forgiveness programs. Scholarships that help pay back student loans bring students back to a geographical area. 

    - - - - - - -

    It was a great conversation. Chime in with your thoughts and questions below!

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    Thank you @AlyseBraaten for all your help at the Summit. As a first-time attendee, I was impressed with the scope of the presentations and look forward to attending the next one!

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    Would love to hear more about the criteria others use for the selection of their need-based scholarships (specific formulas, etc.) Thanks!

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    I would love to hear more information on alumni programs??? Looking at starting one! Thank you in advance!

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