Evaluating / Reviewing the Scholarship Process

Hi All!

Now that the scholarship process is over (mostly - still waiting on some students to complete their scholarship acceptance forms), I want to do an evaluation or review of the process from various perspectives. I'd like to put together some surveys to ask at least 4 groups of users how they found the system to work for them and what tweaks we could do (maybe) to make it better for them.

Student Applicant (including those who started but did not submit applications)

Evaluators (board/staff evaluators)

Letter writers who uploaded letters of recommendations (or not)

Guidance Counselors who got emails to upload transcripts

Now - that I said that the professional way - I know I'm not going to be able to help the ones that don't read the instructions I already have (but in some cases I recognize I could have better instructions they won't read)

And I can't help the ones who start the application process an hour or so before the deadline.

Or the ones that just are too unmotivated to complete their application.

That said - this being the first year that we went online with the SLM, and the Universal Application, I know there were some students (and parents) who didn't understand that they needed to complete that application process to get to the selection of scholarships for which they would be eligible.

So if you have any surveys you've used with your SLM users, would you be willing to share?

And would you be willing to share any particular reports you've run to provide statistics to your scholarship committee or board to show the effectiveness of the process? (I know my committees loved the scholarship evaluation summary reports I ran before our meetings! That made the review process so much easier!

Thanks for your help on the eve of a three-day weekend.

Happy Independence Day!


Bettie Stammerjohn

Executive Director

Community Foundation of Greene County, Pennsylvania



  • Hi Danielle

    Those are great questions.

    I especially like the one about the time expected to complete.

    I will also ask a question about the ease of using the online system and if the instructions were clear. (I have had some feedback in that area from a user.

    I'll let you know how it goes!


    Bettie Stammerjohn

    Executive Director

    Community Foundation of Greene County, Pennsylvania

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