Hello from San Antonio Texas!

My name is Jennifer Bligh and I am the Impact San Antonio Foundant liaison.

I enjoy working in Foundant to what some might call a disturbing degree.

I am guessing the same might be said for some others in this group.

I have a day job, but it's lunchtime, so I'm catching up on Impact stuff, including joining this new community.

Given the current pandemic and its consequences, now is a great time for Foundant to launch this - I look forward to connecting with other funders facing the same issues we are.



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    Hi Jen! We're glad you're here, and don't think your fondness for Foundant is disturbing at all. If you have any #WFH tips you'd like to share during your next productive lunch, feel free to post them in our Working from Home tips group in Resources!

    Welcome to Compass!


    Kara Adams, M.Ed., CAE (she/her/hers)|Community Manager|kara.adams@foundant.com

    Headquartered: Bozeman, MT| Remote Location: Chicago, IL | Direct: 312-802-1374 |www.foundant.com|

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    JenniferBrambleyJenniferBrambley Posts: 34 ✭✭✭
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    Hi Jennifer!

    Our Foundation manages the Impact 100 Greater Peninsula Fund! I am an Impact member and liaison for the Foundation. I manage the membership database and collect forms and payments.

    Glad to see Impact represented here! 😀

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    LynsieStephensLynsieStephens Posts: 41 ✭✭✭
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    Hi Jennifer! So glad you're here! My name is Lynsie, I'm a Solutions Engineer for Foundant, and I work remotely from my home in Fort Worth! I think this new Community will be such an incredible place to connect with each other, and I look forward to "meeting" more of our Texas folks. Before joining the Foundant team I was actually on the client side -- I worked for The Dallas Foundation, and prior to that, for Communities Foundation of Oklahoma, so I was a client for a decade! I can most definitely echo your love for the software!!

    Just wanted to say hello. Stay safe in San Antonio - looking forward to the time we can get back to our regular regional/user group meet ups!

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