West Coast Clients Represent!

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Hey all,

As one of only a hand full of Foundant employees in the Pacific Time Zone, I'd love to connect and help you all connect. If you want to, comment below with your name, title, organization and location. I'll start!

Alyse Barrios Braaten

Manager of Client Services- Grants and Scholarships

Foundant Technologies since 2017 (community and private foundations prior to that)

Bakersfield, California

Alyse Braaten | Manager of Client Services – Grants & Scholarships | www.foundant.com | Bozeman, MT

[email protected] | Direct: 406.922.3376 | Cell: 661.364.1012

KaraAdams[Deleted User]


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    Hi Alyse! And hello to all!

    Mike deHilster

    Program Officer

    Pasadena Community Foundation (2014)

    Pasadena, CA

    Mike deHilster

    Client Success Consultant | GLM/SLM | [email protected] | Foundant Technologies

    KaraAdamsAlyseBraaten[Deleted User]
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    Hi Alyse and Mike,

    Happy to meet fellow west coasters! We are a CF up in Northern California.

    Ann Butterfield

    VP for Finance and Operations

    Community Foundation Sonoma County

    KaraAdamsAlyseBraaten[Deleted User]
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    I'm a part-time PTZer since AZ doesn't transition to daylight savings time and I'm spending a good chunk of my time in AZ these days. (It was awesome to tease folks in the Montana office in January but I'll get payback next week when the forecast is calling for 105+!) Being in the PT gives me lots of new empathy for how significant the time difference is from Eastern Time and how challenging it can be to schedule meetings across the country.

    KaraAdams[Deleted User]
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    I would love to have more connection to other csuite users and CF friends!

    I'm at Jefferson Community Foundation out on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula.

    Alecia Kleiner

    Manager of Funds and Operations

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    Hello West Coasters! I'm new the the CF world and am just beginning my CSuite training to implement Foundant. Excited and daunted all at once!

    Abbey Cameron

    Executive Director, Three Rivers Community Foundation

    Benton/Franklin counties, Washington

    [Deleted User]
  • Hello Left Coasters! Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe! I am in LA working at Dan Murphy Foundation. Looking forward to the discussion here in Compass!

    Cathy Heutmaker

    Grants Administrator


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    Hello from the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation in Portland, OR!

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    Hi @soniamarieleikam, and welcome to Compass! I wanted to let you know we also have a faith-based organization discussion category if you want to introduce yourself there as well, or start a new discussion!

    Here is that category (in Philanthropic Best Practices>Faith-Based Organizations)


    Community Manager

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    Hello everyone! I am from the BIGGEST state of the nation! Looking forward to connecting.

    Stefanie O'Brien

    Senior Program Officer of Grants & Scholarships

    Alaska Community Foundation

    [email protected]

    [Deleted User]KaraAdams
  • Happy Thanksgiving, folks! I'm in Southern California and joining the conversation 😀

    Ai-Hsien “Allie” Carreón

    Program Manager

    Pasadena Community Foundation

    Pasadena, CA

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    Welcome to Compass, @AllieCarreon!

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