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I work for a community foundation and we don't typically award grants that require expenditure responsibility, however we have made the decision recently to do so. Are there any other community foundations out here willing to share their expenditure responsibility agreement template, reporting template, and policies/procedures with us? We are also interested in knowing when and how often interim reports are required.

Thank you!




  • Hi Jessica,

    We do occasionally make grants that require expenditure responsibility.

    We use the following grant agreement form. Hope it's helpful.

    Let me know if you have any questions.


  • This is very helpful!! Thank you so much for sharing @AndreaGrout !

  • KarenWolfKarenWolf
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    I am attaching our expenditure responsibility agreement. We just finalized and had it approved through our recent accreditation with National Standards.

    Karen Wolf

    Operations Coordinator

    Email [email protected]

    Web www.cfcwi.org

    Facebook www.facebook.com/cfcwi

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    @jessicascites We also make grants that require expenditure responsibility on occasion. I've attached our agreement as well!

  • Thank you @MissyBelles for including the letter as well!

  • Our letter is below and our contract and grant report are attached.

    I am pleased to notify you we have received a donation in the amount of $1,000 that is designated for turnout gear for your department.  

    This letter and its attachments outline the terms and conditions of accepting this grant. Please read all the terms and conditions carefully, sign, and return along with the signed agreement as soon as possible. After we receive your signed agreement, we will mail you a check.  

    The funds must be used specifically for the designated purpose by February 2019. You must submit a written request to us in advance if you wish to change the purpose of the grant or if the funds are not expended within the next 12 months. 

    Upon signing this agreement, your agency states that you agree to notify us if there is any change in your public charity status. In addition, we will request a final report after one year. When available, please furnish us with a copy of any receipts of the expenses for the gear. 

    This agreement also gives the Foundation your permission to use photographs, logos, published / printed information, and any other materials you supply, without further notice, in press releases and / or publications. 

    Congratulations on this recognition of your important efforts. We look forward to working with you during the coming year.

  • @DebbieStanton Thank you so much for sharing! We have not finalized our template yet, so this is very timely and appreciated.

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