Has your foundation or funder sponsored a DEI training? If so, please share details.

Our Foundation launched a DEI competitive funding opportunity in 2020 to focus on four focus areas: Employment, Advocacy, Economic Development and Nonprofit Capacity. Due to a high volume of request for DEI training, we are researching options and opportunities.

If your Foundation and/or Funder has sponsored a DEI training, please provide details (I.E.) facilitator information, topics, virtual framework, agenda, recruitment/announcement strategies, best practices, lessons learned, etc.


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    We worked with McKensie Mack and hosted an AntiRacism Nonprofit Communinations workshop for our annual nonprofit workshop this year. This event is usually in person in May, but was moved to October and Zoom due to the pandemic.

    Here is the link to the event with some good info

    We probably recorded it, feel free to reach out if you'd like to watch it.

    Our Director of Community Impact, Diego Zegarra is also head of our Social Equity Cohort that will launch as a workshop throughout the year of 2021. We are working on a story here.. In the meantime, here is a link to our general Social Equity page. https://parkcitycf.org/how-we-work/growing-community-initiatives/socialequity/

    Happy to discuss further if you'd like!

    Sam Mueller - Philanthropy Manager Park City Community Foundation

    [email protected]

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    Thank you Sam. I'll review the link that you provided and follow up with any questions. I appreciate that you're sharing information.

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    Hi Artisha.

    We used Racial Equity Institute for trainings for our staff & community.

    REI training encompasses two parts — a half-day Groundwater session and a two-day Phase 1 session — both of which will be offered periodically throughout the year. 

    • The Groundwater session is an introduction to racial equity that uses stories and data to illustrate the structural and cross-sector nature of racism. The Groundwater session dovetails with the Phase 1 workshop and is recommended as an introduction to the full two-day workshop. 
    • The Phase 1 workshop is a two-day training that provides talking points, historical factors and an organizational definition of racism. 


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