Hi Community Foundation Friends!

Hi everyone -

While new to the Foundant team, I couldn't be happier to continue the journey in the field of community philanthropy in my capacity as Regional Director, Community Foundations!

My passion for community foundations has extended from serving nearly a decade as CEO of two merged CFs in Indiana to over five years with the Council on Foundations as a lead strategist for community philanthropy.

With Foundant, I am eager to help community foundations leverage technology to advance the mission and vision of community philanthropy in a highly entrepreneurial and customer-centric culture that Foundant affords.

Many of you know and have come to appreciate what I see in Foundant—an opportunity to serve nearly 400 community foundations with its integrated systems, and I want to see that number grow. I have seen how technology is transforming our industry, and I am eager to better align technology for strategic and more efficient community work. 

Reach out and help me understand the values, concerns, and learning curves you have experienced with Foundant that will help me be successful with more community foundations going forward!





  • MeghanWarrickMeghanWarrick
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    Hi @BradMWard - great to see you at Foundant. I look forward to connecting. All the best in your new role!



  • Welcome to Foundant and to Compass, @BradMWard!

  • Welcome to Foundant @BradMWard .

    Glad to still be working with you!!

    Bettie Stammerjohn

    Executive Director

    Community Foundation of Greene County, Pennsylvania

  • KarenWolfKarenWolf
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    Welcome @BradMWard!

    Would you consider doing a virtual call for Community Foundations to provide an overview of your role at Foundant and allowing us to ask questions?

    Karen Wolf

    Operations Coordinator

    Email [email protected]

    Web www.cfcwi.org

    Facebook www.facebook.com/cfcwi

  • BradMWardBradMWard
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    Thanks @KarenWolf Let me chat with my team to learn more how I can be helpful. Be in touch as soon as I can circle back around with the right folks here at Foundant. Hope all is well with you and your team!



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