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Hello all,

Our community foundation just transitioned to CommunitySuite (financial part). We will be transitioning to SLM in June. Our Lilly Endowment Scholarship application opens August 1st. For those outside of Indiana- It is a scholarship application for high school seniors from our county; every CF in Indiana participates in this statewide program.

This is a very short turnaround time. Would anyone be willing to share your current High School Senior Scholarship (or Lilly if your are Indiana) application with us to help ease our transition? I am under the impression that we can mirror our application after another one for an "easy build".

Our current application is pretty standard:

Demographics, academics, extra-curriculars, volunteer hours, employment, camps/special events, financial, and essay.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Jodi Kateiva

Legacy Foundation


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    Hi @JodiKateiva! I've featured this discussion in an upcoming newsletter in hopes of getting some application examples for you!

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    @JodiKateiva our scholarship folks are out until next week (spring break) and if you need help, I know they would be willing. We use -- if you don't have what you need, yet, email me at [email protected] and I can help get you our application examples for you on Monday!

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    Thanks so much! I have gotten a number of responses through a local listserve so I'm actually all set, but thank you for reaching out!

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    Very good! I was surprised no one had offered one up, so I'm glad you have some samples.

    Have a great day!


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