Shifts in Youth Philanthropy/Grantmaking Programs

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Aside from working at Foundant, I am a mentor for our local Youth Giving Project where a cohort of 13 local high aged students help to decide grant funding of $10,000. With schools moving to remote, and stay at home orders in place we have made the decision to wrap up or programming for 2019-2020 early. Luckily, we had shifted our grantmaking decision already for the year from May to March so these discussion were able to take place in person and not be cut short. However, I am feeling as though our youth missed out on the full experience and actually being to complete the year. No in person grantee celebration, 2 community volunteer days canceled. While we were at a point that we could just wrap up for the year with one virtual meeting I assume many of you were not at that point.

I am curious if you run a youth philanthropy program how are you currently moving forward or has the program been paused, put on the backseat for now? How are you talking to your youth about decision making or pivots? Or even looking at recruitment for next year?


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    Our Youth programs are currently on pause...My attention has been place elsewhere. However, 1 of the programs the youth had just started was to offer food (in the form of a healthy snack) at their high school. I had just purchased SO MUCH FOOD and thankfully, the district we are in was able to take the food and distribute to those in the community that need it most.

    I anticipate (really, the better word is probably hope) we will start slowly this summer, since there was a program related to suicide prevention we wanted to implement this fall.

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