Using standardized test scores in evaluating scholarship applicants

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We have decided to make standardized test scores optional on our scholarship applications this year since some colleges/universities are not requiring them. Our steering committee just met, and many expressed concern that it is unfair to take scores into consideration for candidates if not all of them provided scores. Has this come up for anyone?

If you are asking for test scores, what guidance are you providing to your scholarship evaluators this year?

Thank you!

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  • Hi @LaurieAbildso- Great question... I'm bumping this back up to the top of our Recent Discussions to see if anyone else is considering test scores when evaluating applicants!

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    @LaurieAbildso - We have not fully implemented CS yet, but our scholarship process is well underway. We planned to use SAT/ACT scores as usual. The guidance department assured us the students would have the tests complete. When we received our applications we notice more than half do not have the test scores. So we will not use the test scores.

    We use the SAT/ACT score as a criteria for some, not all scholarships. The students that have the SAT/ACT scores can apply for all scholarships. Those without cannot apply for scholarships with an academic criteria. I can pull the scores with or without the test scores. So any student that applied for a scholarship is eligible, regardless of testing. I will rank the scholarship without test scores.

    We are in the process of updating our scholarships to not include the test scores, and we will increase the number of essays, maybe give some points for testing, and maybe points for those who were eligible for the Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship.


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    Last year we had test scores as optional on the application, but honestly the reviewers did not really look at those scores since not everyone submitted them. This year we just decided to remove the scores completely as we are trying to make the application as simple as possible for the applicants (and for our review as well, now we don't have to verify everyone's individual scores). We will just use the GPA to score the academics of each applicant, and none of our scholarships have SAT/ACT requirements.

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