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On the call I heard Arts Memphis mention a communication/promotion schedule for grant programs and grant webinars.

Any samples or links to great resources for developing a stronger communication schedule?



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    @TracyLauritzenWright do you have any samples/links to resources you could share with @KristinBurgoyne?

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    @KristinBurgoyne - Sorry for the delayed response! Thanks for calling my attention to this Meredith! We are developing a procedures document and while it's not yet final, below are our action steps on communications. Feel free to give me a call if you'd like to discuss.


    Each Grant Opportunity should include:

    ·        Website pages with updated information

    o  Each grant has its own website page

    o  Post opportunity on “Open Grant Programs” once the application is open

    o  Post on Resources page under “Grants and Other Funding Opportunities”

    ·        Email newsletter posts: 2 postings minimum

    o  ArtsUpdate or ArtistInfo Newsletters

    ·        Social Media: at least 1 post per the following, on at least 2 of our platforms.

    o  Announcement of grant opening

    o  Information session/call

    o  Office hour opportunity

    o  Reminder of grant deadline (1 for each LOI and Application if applicable)

    ·        A Foundant and/or Outlook email to past grantees notifying them of the new opportunity available.


    ·        As organizations are identified that have previously not applied to any ArtsMemphis grant opportunity, make introductory phone call and email.

    o  A personal email or message to relevant organizations and contacts to help share information on the grant opportunity and offer technical assistance.

    ·        Share information with community contacts to help spread awareness of grant opportunity.

    o  See Community Contact List

    Post-Grant Awards

    ·        Develop Press Release

    o  With Donor Partner if applicable

    ·        Other considerations

    o  Photo opportunity with Donor Partner

    o  Level of Social Media Announcements


    Link to Social Media Standards

    Link to Brand Document

    Link to Password file for accounts

    Link to Community Contact list 

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