Board Members relatives receive monetary scholarships?

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Do your Board members relatives or employee's relatives receive monetary scholarships or just honorary scholarships? If so, do the funds have a specific criteria that is straight forward. For example the student of your Board Presidents son is Salutatorian.


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    We just recently changed our policy to allow board members' families to apply for our scholarships. We noticed that this was a major roadblock in board member recruitment and the ability for them to stay their full-term limit. If a board member has family applying for a scholarship, they cannot be on the scholarship committee, review and score applications, nor take part in discussions of scholarships or the voting of accepting of scholarship award recommendations.

    Staff members' families are not eligible to apply for scholarships.

    We do not have any specific scholarships for board members' families.

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    Thank you. We are considering making a change to allow this. Our student applicants are identified by a number only and names are not allowed anywhere on the application. Thank you for the response.

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    We also do a blind review where the students' ID is the initial of their first and last name and the last 4 digits of the phone number. I think that has helped community members understand that we are taking every step we can to make the process fair for everyone involved.

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