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One of our partners (the city where we are located) has asked us about managing one of their grant programs. Now that we have GLM (just went live last month) this is a much easier concept and I’m wondering if anyone has any experience doing that in their city? 

Does anyone have experience in charging a fee for service, by the foundation, for something like this? I would essentially be the Grant Manager and would run it like another process with it's own grant committee and grant funding stream. How many hours would it typically take? 



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    Hi @DeniseHowell - This question was from awhile back; just moving it back to the top of the list in case anyone else has the same question or would like to share their experience!

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    We have not charged a fee for service, but have done a "sponsorship" trade for services. The amount of hours it would take will all depend on how many applications are received and what they require from you. We had them put in applications and then all I was required to do was assign evaluators. After evaluations, I downloaded reports and sent them to the organization and went from there. There are so many variables it would be impossible to figure out the hours it takes. And once the first year is over, each year gets easier and you're faster at it. Using the portal and getting some outside funding is such a great idea as it always helps with operations as well.

    Hope this helps!

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