Balance Sheet Trends

I want to look at several balance sheets and/or balance sheet items over several periods. The resulting report would provide balance sheet trends. I have had to run individual balance sheets for specific periods for various fund groups. I would like to run a balance sheet report that shows comparable balances over a number of periods. Any suggestions?


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    Hi @BillAndrews!

    Instead of the balance sheet, try running the cash flow financial report. This allows you to see the change in your assets rather than a snapshot of the balance at a particular date. You can run this for a date range then use the drop down for period analysis. The options are year, quarter, month and day for what that period interval can be. So for example, you could run it from 1/1/2017 to 12/31/2019 and change the option to quarter to see the quarterly change in each asset account for the past twelve quarters.

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