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Hi All, My foundation is exploring two new types of grants:

Community Service Outreach - grants would go to high school academies who have customized community outreach projects needed in their areas.

International Mission - orphanage, K-12 education type projects

Does anyone have experience in these categories / have suggestions on grant application questions?

Thanks in advance! Happy to talk more/learn more if anyone is interested and/or has experience in these topics.


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    @KellyJackson I have experience granting funds to schools under the STEAM umbrella that included nonprofit partners. The key is for the Foundation to have clarity in why the program is wanted; how will it advance the Foundation's mission; and what specfically about the initiative (and intended outcome) fortifies the Foundation's relevancy in the community. If the why, how and what are crystal clear, you can create your application questions that speak directly to those.

    I am happy to talk more about this if you like. Additionally, I can share my lessons learned during program delivery which may help you during the selection process. School and nonprofit behavior is hard to tease out on a grant application.


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