Just Curious: Thanksgiving and Serendipity

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With this year's pandemic, events of social injustice, contentious elections, wildfires, hurricanes and more, have there been any serendipitous moments for you? In spite of it all, I'm curious what you might be giving thanks for this year? I'm grateful for some tremendous co-workers who have all grown closer through all of this, and for a new grandson.

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  • A thought provoking post, for sure. Thank you @RandMorgan!

    Serendipitous moments: Being able to introduce this community earlier than planned and seeing how it is bringing people and ideas together. And, same as @annehossner, enjoying all the bonding time with my two canine besties, Barkley and Shadow.

    Giving thanks for: Living in beautiful Montana where there's room to socially distance, working with all the awesome people of Foundant and getting to know our amazing community members, and everyone who voted.

    Have a wonderful, safe holiday! 🦃


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    Hi Rand,

    I'm glad I checked in and saw your post and question. There have been many times in 2020 where I've relied on inner peace and hope, and I have seen it in others. The smiles came back (even if usually masked), and people here are talking slower and listening more.

    I met grantees through virtual tours and walked a few through our grant process via Zoom. I've learned a lot from them, and their clients, and I saw many of them turn things anew. We are resourceful beings.

    My son got married. My daughter came to visit. My brother made the long trip down when we lost our step-mom. I accidentally became a vegetarian and am so much healthier than I anticipated.

    There is so much going on around us grabbing our attention. I am thankful for the tiny flowers that bloom in my uncut grass.

    The sun pokes through every day.

    Thank you.


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    My thanks to you all for brightening my day. Thank you for helping me see many, many things things all around us -- large and tiny -- for which we can be grateful. We're certainly surrounded by a fantastic community of colleagues, and we're so much more alike than we are different, no?

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