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Hi All!

Are any of you using electronic agreement letters?

We currently email out our agreement letters and ask the grantee to sign and (snail mail) back a hard copy of the signed agreement letter.

We are looking into going electronic to receive the agreement letter- however we award close to 300 grants a quarter and therefore must be sure we do not lose track of the letters received.

How has your organization gone about implementing this? Any suggestions? Best Practices?

Thank you



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    Hi @PritiMehta,

    We utilize a follow up form template as our grant agreement. This form is assigned at approval and is pushed to their online portal for their electronic signature. You can easily see (or run a report) showing what applicants have submitted their agreements and which have not. Once all forms have been submitted, I can release payment. You can send auto emails reminding them to complete the form. Happy to provide more details if needed.



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    We do the same thing with our Annual Grant Cycle - do you know if there is a way to incorporate this functionality into agreements on the Csuits platform?

    We are updating Endowment contracts for our nonprofit partners, and it would be so much more efficient to send them out electronically through the platform!


    Lauren Wright

  • We generate an electronic grant agreement. We use the follow-up feature in Foundant. It works great! You can even send email reminders as mentioned and see what follow-ups are still outstanding for any given process.


    Deirdre Hamill

    The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation

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