Fees Associated With Hosting Applications

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I am the Scholarship and Programs Associate for a Community Foundation in Georgia. Our scholarship portfolio is small. We have funds with their own grant or scholarship process with us only providing a link on our site while others ask us to manage the entire application and selection process for them. As we continue to grow, we are finding that our fund holders are leaning more on our staff to provide additional services. We currently have GLM and are looking to add SLM in the new year, which will allow us to streamline services and have a more professional application platform.

We are working to put some structure behind our processes and are evaluating our fees for the funds that have a grant or scholarship application. I would love to hear how others manage/establish grant and scholarship processes regarding fee structures. Are fees based on percentage of market value? Do you charge per process? Do you host applications for organizations who do not have a fund? If so, is there a fee associated with managing that application?

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    Here is our fee structure for scholarship administration:


    A fee of 1.0% will be assessed annually for scholarship funds administered by MCCF. If the application process is administered by MCCF, an additional 1% fee will be assessed annually.

    Let me know if you have any questions about this.


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