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What is everyone doing about deadlines for your scholarship applications? Are you concerned? Or just waiting to see how things pan out.


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    rebeccadavidrebeccadavid Posts: 1

    We extended the deadline by two weeks. The has not been a great deal of response.

    I feel that most schools have or are planning how to finish the year out. Transcripts is one of those. Also, most schools have website with all facility email addresses listed, so a recommendation letter is still achievable.

    The biggest problem we are facing is the lack of response from the candidate. Most have started the application, but very few have finished it. There have been a couple of replies and maybe a phone call or two. I just worry the student has unplugged.

    Hope it helps!

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    JenniferMarinoJenniferMarino Posts: 1

    We've extended our March 31st deadline to April 15th and alleviated requirements of transcripts & letters of reference.

    To get the word out, every student (2,011 of them) were emailed through their Foundant accounts and reminded to submit. To date, 548 of them have submitted their applications and another 28 new apps have been started. We also sent information about the changes to the high schools as well as our scholarship donors. An ad was created for Facebook and Instagram which had a good response.

    Hope that helps!


    The Pittsburgh Foundation

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    Our scholarship application deadline was February 15, and therefore was not impacted. The part of the process we have delayed is for the scholarship committees to determine their awardees. Our office has put that on hold until we return to the office (which will hopefully be Mid-May).

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